I volunteered with SNM during the month of April, 2018. The people here were very cordial and amiable. I settled in swiftly. I got to learn about all the ongoing projects, and was constantly involved with all of them. During the field work, I got an opportunity to meet the locals regarding the pangolin project, aside from setting up camera traps and awareness boards. During office days, I worked on preparing reports, working on the website and some self-study thanks to the vast array of books available. Mr. Bhau, the president was very humble and assisted me with all my doubts. He also took my suggestions in the end. In all, it was a very enjoyable and learning experience at the same time in a very serene and peaceful city of Chiplun. If you wish to learn from a career point of view, or just want to donate a part of your time in crucial conservation work, this is a perfect opportunity.

- Prakhar Rawal

(22 year old student, Nagpur, Maharashtra)

B.E. (Mechanical), BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore