Sahyadri had started ‘Home Stay’ to host metro tourists at Velas in 2006 as a part of ‘Turtle Festival’. The festival is an opportunity for metro-tourists to bid best wishes to the newly born sea turtle hatchlings while crawling towards their home. To ensure longevity of the project, Sahyadri also helped locals to form ‘Kaasav Mitra Mandal’ (Turtle Friends). Over the last 6 years, ‘Home Stay’ has received excellent support and guidance by locals, Gram Panchayat and the Forest Department.  Check Homestay case study.

Keeping with the Indian tradition of treating guest as God, homestay owners host tourists in the same house instead of separate rooms. This no investment option helps the participants to earn their livelihood, helps tourists to know more about rural life and creates bonding with the village and the conservation activities. The efforts to conserve nature gets converted in tourist attraction as it changes the viewpoint of villagers and responsible tourism prevails.

Homestay Member Criteria set by Sahyadri
• Operational house in rural Konkan
• Availability of area of the house
• Number of family members
• Meal facility
• Bedding facility 
• Sanitation facility
• Accessibility
Homestay Training conducted by Sahyadri includes
• Housekeeping
• Communication
• Safety
• Environment
• Book keeping