"Pangolins on coins and stamps of the World"

New book issued on the occasion of World Pangolin Day 2021 by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra.

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The book "गुपित खवले मांजराचं" (The Secret of Pangolins) has been translated in yet another language. Malayalam version of this book is available here (in PDF format)

SNM in News

निसर्ग संवर्धनातील ‘भाऊ’ माणूस - तरुण भारत

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra awarded by The Habitat Trust

सागरी कासव संवर्धनामधील सह्याद्रीच्या कामाची दाखल

खवले मांजर संरक्षणामध्ये आदिवासी आदिम कातकरी संघटनेचा सहभाग 


Secret Lives Of Pangolin - MTB

कासवांच गाव - MTB

Conservation of Indian Pangolin

In July 2015, 44 kg of scales were confiscated near Chiplun. Recently in February 2016, another consignment with 12 kg of scales was seized by the Maharashtra State Police Department and Wildlife Wing of Maharashtra State Forest Department. This incidence prompted SNM to gear up for protection and conservation of Indian Pangolin in Konkan. For more information click here

e-Mammal India Project 

This project aims to provide the first-hand experience of technology to rural students by using scientific equipment. Training workshops will be conducted at each selected school individually. Within the training program, students will be trained to handle camera traps, their installation process accompanied by Monitoring. To see photos captured by this project click here

Annual Reports

Every year Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM) successfully implements all its programs such as Conservation of Indian PangolinVulture ConservationMarine Turtle Conservation and Turtle Festival, Awareness programs in Schools and various capacity building programs. You may find previous years' Annual reports here.