'Nature conservation through field protection, awareness, education and scientific based action.'

A bit of history

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra was born when a few likeminded people wanted to do more than sigh away their pangs of conscience about the rampant abuse of nature. The day was 12th Feb. 1992. Out of the brain storming of these individuals, the aim to "Broaden the vision of nature conservation" was taken up as the mission of this Organisation.

Indian Swiftlets on Vengurla Rocks is one of the commendable projects. A timely action by the SNM team and alerting the forest department resulted into arresting of smugglers of Indian Swiftlet's nests within a week's time. Subsequent observations revealed increased number of nesting in this area.

Whitebellied Sea Eagle survey in districts Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg helped to get crucial data related to their habitat, nesting and threats.

Such activities in the initial years contributed to build a solid base of volunteers in the Konkan region. These volunteers became the eyes and ears of the organization to sense and resolve the local environmental problems. The data collected through such activities proved crucial for taking up our long-term projects like Vulture Conservation Efforts, Marine Turtle Conservation, Homestay and Alternate livelihood options for locals .

Dedicated efforts, scientific methodologies and the right use of technology have been key parameters in the success of SNM’s projects. Our future projects cover Mangroves, Fresh water turtle conservation. SNM also undertakes regular research projects like breeding biology or status survey of different birds species in Konkan.

A major contributory factor in achieving our mission has been the support of people like you who are always looking for an avenue to do their bit for the society. This support has come to SNM in various forms like donations, volunteering and equipments.

We take this opportunity to make an appeal for your generous contribution towards our projects. We request you to visit our web site for more details or call us if you have any questions.